A living sculpture exposed to the unpredictable

“To open my senses, listen and merge with the elements of the earth and air,

to feel myself an element between these two elements.”

“He“ is a visual performance in connection with the space and listening to the place,
it’s a harmonious and emotional experience for those who participate.
In the staging the artist moves in a dimension halfway between air and earth,
between ethereal and earthly elements.
She is brought into a state of physical and mental suspension, dissolving the boundaries between body and mind, allowing her to move guided by the air but also to use the ground to impose her own directional lines. “He” leads to a state where the mind is no longer engaged but completely absorbed by the experience.
For her it means living a unique moment each time, both for the place and for the variables given by the context.
The audience will soon realize that what they are witnessing is an unrepeatable event, totally dependent on the context in which it is taking place.

Presentata per la prima volta al pubblico il 25 settembre 2021 al Festival PerAspera a Casalecchio di Reno (BO) e poi a settembre 2022 al Festival Fringe di Amsterdam per il Plein Theater.